ShipWit for car dealerships...
Increase your bottom line
More and more people are buying cars online. Having the right transporter for your client is important and can make or break a long lasting relationship based on customer satisfaction and great service. More return business is always great and successful dealerships always strive to go above and beyond for their customers. Whether your dealership covers the transportation cost or just connects the buyer with the transporter, using will save you time and money. We value our dealer-partners and created our platform with them in mind. On average, dealers using our service save 20% - 25% on each shipment compared to every leading "load board" in the industry.
What we offer
We have various dealership incentives and are always open to establishing long lasting partnerships that make sense and save money for our partners. If you ship more than 50 cars a month you are eligible for our Platinum Partner rewards program where you will actually receive a percentage of the total shipping costs back at the end of the month. Besides never charging you for using our services you can actually generate additional revenue based on your shipping volume.
How it works
Using our service is absolutely free for dealerships and auction houses! If you are a hands-on dealer who handles your clients shipping needs for them, simply create a profile and instantly get results on matching carriers who are available to ship that vehicle. Shop around and get the best deals from actual auto transporters and not some middleman brokers. Check out real feedback on each driver from previous shippers and chat with carriers before making your final selection. The entire process of securing a carrier only takes a few minutes and costs you nothing. If you want your client to find their own carrier, just forward our info to them and save your customers time and money. makes the entire process so easy and user friendly that neither you nor your client will ever use a broker or load board again.

Drivers & car dealers earn more with ShipWit

Tired of losing money and time on brokers? Keep up to 20% of the total shipping costs for yourself. We cut out the middleman & simplify the process

Car trouble?
ShipWit also works with a vast network of certified local towing companies that specialize in inoperable vehicles.